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Boyce Math-wizards Participated in PML Contest and Were Recognized in a School-wide Assembly

Some solve problems for fun, but for others, a little motivation helps! What if prizes, medals and trophies are involved?
In February, seventy-four 6th grade students at Boyce Middle School chose to challenge themselves with the Pennsylvania Math League Contest. Administered by math resource teacher Mrs. Kathy Hoedeman, the academic tournament consists of 35 questions from different areas of mathematics to be solved in a 30-minute time frame. The goal is to encourage student interest and confidence in mathematics bychensophieMar2016 solving non-routine problems in a competitive setting. Many students practiced ahead of time, searching for patterns, stretching existing skills, and solving hundreds of problems.
Worthy of special commendation is sixth grade student Sophie Chen, who scored a remarkable 33 out of 35 points, winning top honors for Boyce.
Statewide, the final school winners (based on a school’s top five scores) will not be announced until late April. (Last year, Boyce was second in the state!) However, on March 1, the accomplishments of the top Boyce mathematicians were celebrated with an awards ceremony. Students were awarded trophies, medals and gift certificates for their efforts. This year, awards were given to Team Champs as well as school-wide winners in several categories. The results are listed below.

2015-16 6th Grade PML Results

Grade Five Students studying sixth grade math:
1st Place Keshav Narasimhan
2nd Place Quinton Miller

Grade Five & Six Students studying Pre-Algebra:
1st Place Sophie Chen ***Highest Overall Score***
2nd Place Daniel Wang
(tie) Shane Williams
4th Place Alex LeKachman
(tie) Bear Bottonari

Team “Energy”
1st Place Nitish Sharma
2nd Place Ethan Neal
3rd Place Kaitlyn Clougherty

Team “Predator”
1st Place Jane Lahniche
2nd Place Sasha Quinto
(tie) Andrew Happ

Team “Solar Power”
1st Place Will Closser

Team “Wind”
1st Place Milan Giroux
2nd Place Logan Todd
(tie) Nivedha Suresh

School Wide Sixth Graders Studying Sixth Grade Math
1st Place Nitish Sharma
2nd Place Milan Giroux
(tie) Ethan Neal
4th Place Will Closser
Kaitlyn Clougherty
Jane Lahniche
Nivedha Suresh
Logan Todd

Congratulations to all seventy-four of these Boyce mathematicians, who according to their sponsor Mrs. Hoedeman, “were bold enough to put their skills on the line, attempt something challenging, and give it their best!”

Pictured below:
Participants in the 2016 Pennsylvania Math League Contest -
Front Row, left to right: Andrew Happ, Keshav Narasimhan, Jane Lahniche, Kaitlyn Clougherty, Daniel Wang, and Ethan Neal.
Back Row, left to right: Sasha Quinto, Alex LeKachman, Nitish Sharma, Quinton Miller, Logan Todd, Nivedha Suresh, Sophie Chen, Bear Bottonari, and Milan Giroux
Absent: Will Closser