• Boyce Middle School Students Recognized in 2016 Creative Communications Poetry Contest

    The following 6th grade students were chosen to have their poems published in the 2016 Creative Communication Poetry Contest:
    • Eddie Albert
    • Aidan Besselman
    • Bear Bottonari
    • Anna Cancilla
    • Phoebe Chen
    • Sophie Chen
    • Aly Childs
    • Kaitlyn Clougherty
    • Anthony DeNoon
    • Zoe Dvorin
    • Maggie Lowden
    • Delaynie McMillan
    • Matthew Naumann
    • Lucas Pash
    • Erin Payne
    • Emma Pribanic
    • Sophia Putorti
    • Shana Reddy
    • Sam Scalzo
    • Ritvik Shah
    • Sujay Shah
    • Nitish Sharma
    • Jillian Shaw
    • Anoushka Sinha
    • Evan Tefft
    • Alex Teresi
    • Daniel Wang
    • Shane Williams
    For twenty years, Creative Communication has been devoted to the promotion of writing, teaching, and boycepoetsFeb2016 appreciation of student writing. The intent of the student writing contests is to motivate student writers. The top entries are published in an anthology that will record the creative insights of today’s student writers.
    The Boyce students wrote poems in their Challenge class with Mrs. Diane Ecker.

    Newly published poets who “won” recognition include the following:
    Front row (left to right) Delaynie McMillan, Alex Teresi, Daniel Wang, Anthony DeNoon, Maggie Lowden, Zoe Dvorin
    Middle row Shana Reddy, Phoebe Chen, Sophie Chen, Sophia Putorti, Nitish Sharma, Shane Williams, Sam Scalzo, Lucas Pash, Matthew Naumann, Sujay Shah
    Top Row Aidan Besselman, Bear Bottonari, Evan Tefft, Ritvik Shah, Eddie Albert, Aly Childs, Anoushka Sinha, Jillian Shaw, Emma Pribanic, Anna Cancilla and Kaitlyn Clougherty
    Not pictured: Erin Payne