• Fort Couch Students Win First, Second, and Seventh Placements in Regional Math Contest!

    Hundreds of seventh and eighth grade students from western Pennsylvania worked in groups and as individuals to complete difficult math problems in a timed setting at the Duquesne University ballroom on Thursday, November 19. Out of those hundreds, Fort Couch was recognized with individuals that placed first, second and seventh, and a team of students who won second place ranking.
    The II-VI Foundation and the Allegheny Intermediate Unit sponsor the annual event. USC also helps run the competition by providing students that help with a variety of tasks, from delivering the problems to the competitors to helping with the scoring. During the competition, the teams worked on seven individual and two team problems. Three of our students got all of the questions correct.
    The team of Katie Hobart, Braden Yates, Aleksa Rodic, and Ian Rankin come in second out of over 100 teams. Out of over 400 individuals, Aleksa Rodic was tied for seventh. Braden Yates and Katie Hobart both ended the regular competition with perfect scores and entered into an intense tiebreaker with four other students from other schools. They came out victorious with Braden coming in second and Katie coming in first!
    The seventh and eighth grade team members included Katie Hobart, Braden Yates, Aleksa Rodic, Ian Rankin,fccalcusolve2015 Chand Vadalia, Christian Chiu, Harrison Chui, Alexander Shaw, and Dylan Fall.
    Team coaches/facilitators were Mr. Jason O’Roark, Ms. Connie Gibson, and Mrs. Pat Palazzolo. They accompanied students as they represented Upper St. Clair.

    Several Fort Couch winners of awards at the Calcu-Solve tournament are (left to right) Braden Yates, Katie Hobart, Aleksa Rodic and Ian Rankin.