• High School Singers Win Placement in PMEA District 1 Chorus

    Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) District 1 Senior High School Chorus Festival will be held on February 3-5, 2016, at the Penn Hills High School.
    Based on competitive singing auditions held on November 23 at the Belle Vernon High School, the following Upper St. Clair High School (USCHS) choral members will participate in PMEA Chorus:
    • Chase Banton – Bass
    • Sammy Cancilla – Tenor
    • Carly DeCock – Soprano
    • Jonah Glunt – Tenor
    • Connor Halloran – Bass
    • Ben Nadler – Teno
    • Zoe Rankin – Alto
    • Cara Ravasio – Alto
    • Alexa Rigor - Alto
    • Jacob Ross – Tenor
    • Mariya Savinov – Alto
    • Jack Smith - Bass
    • Kyle Warmbein – Tenor
    Carly DeCock earned a first-chair rating, which is the same as a first place ranking and best out of all soprano 2 singers who participated.
    At the music festival in February, these students will sing at blind-auditions and be ranked for possible pmeachorus2015 placement in PMEA Region I State Chorus, which will be sponsored by Western Beaver High School on March 16-18, 2016.
    The students are members of the USCHS choral program, prepared and directed by choral director Ms. Lorraine Milovac.

    USC voices invited to participate in PMEA District Chorus Festival include (left to right - bottom/row 1) Carly DeCock, Alexa Rieger, Ben Nadler, Cara Ravasio; (row 2) Mariya Savinov, Jacob Ross, Chase Banton, Kyle Warmbein; (row 3) Connor Halloran, Jonah Glunt, and Jack Smith. (Not pictured are Sammy Cancilla and Zoe Rankin.)