• U.S. Army Recognizes Two High School Seniors

    Sergeant Matthew P. Turk of the United States Army, South Hills Recruiting Center, visited Upper St. Clair High School to notify Adam J. Heil and Mihir A. Gite that they have been conditionally selected to receive an Army ROTC scholarship.
    The Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) was born when President Woodrow Wilson signed the National Defense Act of 1916. Since its inception, Army ROTC has provided leadership and military training at schools and universities across the country and has commissioned more than a half million Officers. It is the largest commissioning source in the American military. Receiving a certificate from the U.S. Army, a symbol of this honor, is the culmination of a process that began several years ago. Adam and Mihir can be extremely proud of this achievement as the competition was keen.
    The ROTC scholarship will provide full college tuition and mandatory educational fees as well as room and board for $10,000 per year, along with an allowance for textbooks, school supplies, and required equipment. In addition to these generous benefits, this scholarship also includes an educational grant of up to $5,000 each school year. The average value for a 4-year scholarship is approximately $100,000.
    This award will go a long way toward meeting financial expenses associated with going to college. However, anrotc2015 even more important benefit is that, when Adam and Mihir graduate, they will have more to show for their college days than just a diploma—they can have the confidence, self-discipline, and leadership skills that come with having earned a commission as an Army Officer. ROTC is a demanding and challenging complement to traditional college courses. The standards for admission into this program are quite high—as they must be—since the individuals who complete this training are to be ultimately entrusted with the lives of American Soldiers.
    Congratulations and best wishes go to both Adam J. Heil and Mihir A. Gite, who have met the U.S. Army’s high standards.
    With “Panther Pride” showing, Adam J. Heil (left) and Mihir A. Gite accept the ROTC scholarship from U.S. Army Sergeant Matthew P. Turk.