• Boyce Middle School’s “Club 24” Level Winners Announced!

    Meeting for seven weeks on Mondays in October and November, 44 fifth and sixth graders at Boyce Middle School sharpened their math skills by participating in “Club 24," Boyce’s after-school math club, playing the nationally-recognized game “Challenge 24.”
    According to sponsor Ms. Kathleen Hoedeman, “This involves all ‘mental math’ - no pencils, no technology - just use of brain power!” The object of the game is to “make 24” by adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing the four given numbers.
    Ms. Hoedeman further reports significant achievement. “Students at Boyce have become so skilled, many of them now play “24” versions with double digits, negative numbers, fractions, decimals and even the ‘algebra-exponent’ version!” She adds, “Competition is friendly in a setting that is designed mostly to build skill, but in the end, we do award prizes to the level winners.”
    2015 Boyce “level winners” are:
    • Sahil Bhalodia
    • Shivani Jajoo
    • Ammar Kethavath
    • Jane Lahniche
    • Esha Lahoti
    • Sohum Shankar
    • Daniel Wang
    • Shane Williams.
    Six International Baccalaureate volunteers from Fort Couch Middle School and USC High School, all former players of Club 24, helped coach the younger mathematicians:
    • Brooke Christiansen
    • Meghan Joon
    • Reshma Gudla
    • Patrick Joyce
    • Christian Chiu
    • Declan Gessel.
    "Club 24" is held in the Boyce Library from 3:15 to 4:30 p.m. Enrollment for the winter session will begin in club24winners2015fall January.

    This year’s level winners of the Boyce “Club 24” tournaments are (left to right) Jane Lahniche, Shivani Jajoo, Ammar Kethavath, Daniel Wang, Sohum Shankar, Shane Williams, Esha Lahoti, and Sahil Bhalodia.