• Fifth and Sixth Graders Earn Recognition in 2015 Calcu-Solve TournamentcalcusolveBOteams

    Sponsored by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit and the II-VI Foundation, the annual Fifth and Sixth Grade Calcu-Solve Tournament was held on Friday, November 20, at Duquesne University with over 100 teams participating.
    During the competition, students solved two problems as a team and seven other problems individually.
    Boyce Middle School fielded three teams of four students each (plus one alternate). To prepare for the event, the students practiced problem solving on their own time before and after school.
    The results? All three of the USC teams placed in the “top ten,” and the team with Alex Todd, Keshav calcusolve3rdplace Narasimhan, Bear Bottonari, and Will Closser won third place!
    In addition, twelve Boyce student council members served as ambassadors, distributing the questions and collecting the answers.
    The teams were coached by Mrs. Kathy Hoedeman, Math Resource Teacher at Boyce.
    Top Photo: Participants in the Calcu-Solve competition were (front row/left to right) Eden Ma, Alex LeKachman, Sujay Shah, Keshav Narasimhan, (back row) Sophie Chen, Phoebe Chen, Dev Patel, Alex Todd, Will Closser, Mrs. Hoedeman, Bear Bottonari, Shane Williams, Nivedha Suresh, and Keelyn Hamm.
    Bottom Photo: Third Place Team - Alex Todd, Keshav Narasimhan, Bear Bottonari, Will Closser were commended for winning third place!