• High School Students Are Named to the October 2015 “Deans’ List”

    The following October 2015 High School Deans’ List awardees and nominating teachers were honored at a special Deans’ Breakfast on November 12:
    • Yingqi Tao (9th grade) nominated by Mrs. Daniela Buccilli (English)
    • Alexander Molinaro (11th grade) nominated by Ms. Lorraine Milovac (Fine & Performing Arts)
    • Robert Halpner (10th grade) nominated by Mr. Marc-Andre (World Language)
    • Katherine Starr (12th grade) nominated by Mr. Kelsey Steele (World Language)
    • Perry Patterson (12th grade) nominated by Mrs. Janine Despines (Library)
    • Margaret McClintock (9th grade) nominated by Mr. Chad Erbrecht (Mathematics)
    • Zachary Schuler (12th grade) nominated by Mr. Alex Shefler (Mathematics)
    • Brendan Scanlan (12th grade) nominated by Mrs. Dawn Mostowy (Science)
    • John Gordley (11th grade) nominated by Mr. Matt Martocci (Social Studies)
    • Savannah Smith (9th grade) nominated by Mr. Shawn Morton (Physical Education)
    According to High School administration, “It is important to positively recognize students for making good choices and decisions, and to showcase students as positive role models to other students in the building.”
    The award was named and established at the time when there were Deans in the High School administration.
    Staff members representing each curriculum area nominate a student each month for the Deans’ list. Students who are nominated receive a commemorative pen and award certificate, and are recognized at the monthly Deans’ breakfast.
    The following are some criteria that guide teacher nominations:
    • Responsibility
    • Diligence/hard working behavior
    • Positive attitude towards classmates as well as staff
    • Kind, empathetic, or helpful behavior to another student
    • Helpful behavior to a staff member
    • Demonstrating student leadership on and off campus
    • Good behavior in structured and unstructured settings
    First Row (left to right): Ms. Christine Mussomeli, Robert Halpner, Brendan Scanlan, Savannah Smith, Perry Patterson, Katherine Starr, Zachary Schuler, Margaret McClintock, Yingqi Tao, and Mrs. Daniella Buccilli.
    Second Row (left to right): Mr. Matt Martocci, John Gordley, Dr. Timothy Wagner, Mr. Marc-Andre Clermont, Mrs. Dawn Mostowy, Mr. Shawn Morton, Mrs. Janine Despines, Mr. Kelsey Steele, Mr. Alex Shefler, Mr. Dan Beck, Mr. Chad Erbrecht, Alexander Molinaro, and Dr. Lou Angelo.
    Not Pictured: Ms. Lorraine Milovac