• High School CalcuSolve Team Wins First Place!

    October was a time of problem solving, critical thinking, and intense competition as the members of the Upper St. Clair High School CalcuSolve teams competed for regional math titles. The annual events were held at the Soldiers and Sailors ballroom in Oakland and were sponsored by the II-VI Foundation and the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. Ninth and tenth graders competed on Thursday, October 15, and eleventh and twelfth graders on Friday, October 16. Below are highlights from each competition. Team coaches and facilitators Ms. Connie Gibson and Mrs. Pat Palazzolo accompanied students as they represented Upper St. Clair.
    Our teams each challenged themselves with seven individual and two team problems during the CalcuSolve competitions. We are particularly proud that one of our 9th and 10th grade teams, including Kevin Chen, Ariana Chiu, Spencer Miller, and Abbie Wagner, won FIRST place! In addition, the following students earned perfect scores: Aditi Chattopadhyay, Kevin Chen, Zian Chen, and Sam Ding. Following an intense tie-breaker round, Sam Ding came in 2nd place in the individual level at the 9th and 10th grade competition, with the others receiving honorable mentions.
    Ninth and tenth grade team members included Kevin Chen, Ariana Chiu, Sam Ding, Matt Higgs, Wyatt CS1 Keating, Dina Leyzarovich, Serena Luo, Spencer Miller, Hridhay Reddy, Kriti Shah, and Abbie Wagner.
    Eleventh and twelfth grade team members included Amna Amin, Aditi Chattopadhyay, Zian Chen, Zach Christiansen, Raahema Durrani, Jack Jenny, Michael Nastac, Vashisth Parekh, Christina Park, Mahima Reddy, Jacob Riberi, and Yang Zhang.

    1: Winning 9th and 10th grade team (1st place): Abbie Wagner, Ariana Chiu, Kevin Chen, Spencer Miller
    2: 9th and 10th grade USCHS CalcuSolve teams: Hridhay Reddy, Matt Higgs, Wyatt Keating, Sam Ding, Kevin Chen, Ariana Chiu, Dina Leyzarovich, Kriti Shah, Abbie Wagner, Serena Luo, and Spencer Miller.
    3: 9th and 10th grade individual winners – Sam Ding (2nd place) in the middle.CS3
    4: Row 1 kneeling: Yang Zhang, Zach Christiansen, Zian Chen. Row 2: Jacob Riberi, Michael Nastac, Vashisth Parekh, Christina Park, Aditi Chattopadhyay, Raahema Durrani, Jack Jenny, Mahima Reddy, Amna Amin.