• High School Math Teacher Named “Outstanding Educator”

    Mr. Alex Shefler, High School Math Teacher, was nominated for and recently received the University of Chicago Outstanding Educator Award. Mr. Shefler was nominated by a former student. This recognition speaks volumes about the quality of education that Mr. Shefler provides to students as well as his commitment to carrying out the District’s mission of providing “learning experiences that nurture the uniqueness of each child and promotes happiness and success.”
    According to the school’s website, every year the University of Chicago receives letters from hundreds of AShefler admitted students, inspired by teachers who have literally changed the course of their lives through excellent teaching and mentorship. “In recognition of their profound influence, the Office of College Admissions grants the Outstanding Educator Award to teachers who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to the education and personal development of their students. True learning is a collaborative experience that requires patience, selflessness, and passion.”
    University of Chicago concludes, “We are proud to celebrate the incredible work of all our Outstanding Educators!”