• It's Open House Season at USCSD!
    During the months of September and October, each of our schools host an Open House that provides wonderful forums for our teachers and parents to connect. “I invite our parents and families to attend and support your child(ren)’s education and offer a special thanks to our educators for preparing and delivering this great events,” stated Dr. Patrick T. O’Toole, Superintendent of Schools.

    The tagline statement for the School District, “Customizing Learning, Nurturing Potential…Delivering Excellence,” articulates our District vision and we recognize the important role that parents play. In addition, the Upper St. Clair Mission Statement declares that our schools “in partnership with the community” strive to promote “the happiness and success of each child.” Reaching this goal requires the collaborative effort of the school system, parents, educators, and administrators.

    Open Houses are held at our schools on the following dates from 7:00 – 9:00 pm:bakeropenhouse2015
    • September 10 – Elementary Schools
    • September 17 – High School
    • September 24 – Boyce Middle School
    • October 1 – Fort Couch Middle School
    Picture taken at Baker Elementary School’s Open House on September 10 are (left to right) Paula Scandrol, music teacher; Daniella Vucelich, speech teacher; Holly Fisher, school nurse; and Kristen Rose, guidance counselor).