• Classroom Expectations

    1. Students respect themselves, others, and school property at all times. T
    2. Students will come to class on time and with all the necessary class materials.
    3. Cellular phones will be placed in storage pockets during class unless needed during a lesson.
    4. Only Spanish work will be completed in Spanish class.  Do not work on assignments from other classes!
    5. Ask permission from the teacher to leave the room.
    6. Students will try their best to be positive and persistent learners. A positive attitude makes all the difference in the world. If you think you will be successful, you will be! The ability to keep trying even if something seems daunting at first is a skill that will help you in all facets of life.
    7. Students will always be truthful and honest.

    Policy on Cheating

    The USC World Language Department defines cheating as the use of online translating websites, native speakers, hand-held translators as well as copying from others, or submitting any other work that is NOT your own. Evidence of cheating and suspicious behaviors will lead to confiscation of the assignment and discuss the matter with the student. An Academic Integrity Violation form will be completed & forwarded to the appropriate principal. The student must later meet with the principal to discuss the incident.


    Homework/ Late Project Submissions/ Make-Up Work Policies

    By definition, late work is work turned in beyond the due date. All late projects will be reduced by a 10% deduction for each day late.

    For each day missed, the student is granted one additional day to complete assigned work. (Ex. two days absent = two days beyond the due date) After the allotted timeframe, the late policy will be applied to projects. Homework not turned in on time will be considered incomplete and will result in a zero.

    Students that miss a test, quiz, etc., have two weeks to make up that assessment from the date on which it was administered. Tests will be placed at the testing center. Students who fail to complete the assessment within their allotted timeframe will receive a zero. Students are responsible for checking Canvas to ensure that they have completed all due assignments/assessments.

    Please follow this sequence to obtain information about missed work: talk to a classmate to see what was missed or check the calendar.  Talk to the teacher if confusions linger or to ask for specific handouts. 

    Cultural Disclaimer: Separating culture and language does a disservice to the language learning process because of the intricacies that culture plays on the language. For that reason, we will be exploring several cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. We will also study secular and religious holidays of the Spanish-speaking world.  If this is a problem, please notify me.