•  Español III  
    (Spanish 3)
    2019 - 2020

    Aula 142:  Módulos 5-6 & 13-14

    Señora Darakos            jdarakos@uscsd.k12.pa.us


    Course Description 

    In this course, you will develop confidence and responsibility on your learning of the Spanish language.  You will become better speakers of Spanish through your inquiry, action,
    and reflection as a learner in the Spanish classroom.  This course is designed in a challenging framework that encourages you to make practical connections between your studies and the real world.  You will continue to build a working vocabulary, explore Spanish grammar, and learn to effectively communicate in the target language both in writing and speaking.
    Class participation, daily preparation, and progress in all four language skills are necessary for success and will be exercised by completing activities that foucs on the three modes of
    communication (presentational, interpersonal, and interpretive). 


    Course Topics

    Review Unit I: present tense, interrogatives, basic information about extracurricular activities and school

    Deportes Unit: basic information about sports, begin basic review of preterite

    Review II Unit: review of present tense use ser and estar, sentence structure using affirmative and negative words

    Preterite Unit: sentence structures of responses and question formation in the past tense, basic information about daily activities using the past tense, preterite tense formation of regular and irregular verbs

    Imperfect Unit: sentence structure of questions and responses in the imperfect, basic vocabulary related to childhood, imperfect tense formation of regular and irregular verbs

    Preterite vs Imperfect Unit: sentences structure of questions and responses in the imperfect and preterite tenses, use of preterite and imperfect simultaneously when telling a story in the past or recalling an event

    Familiar and Formal Commands Unit: the formation of affirmative and negative familiar commands, the formation of affirmative and negative formal commands

    Future and Conditional Unit: formation of the future tense with both regular and irregular verbs, formation of the conditional tense with both regular and irregular verbs

    Numbers Unit: cardinal and ordinal numbers, dates


    Quizzes                                                                           Speaking Assessment
    Chapter Tests                                                                  Projects
    Homework                                                                       Final Exam (First Semester) & Performance Based Assessment (Second Semester)

    IPA’s (Integrated Performance Assessment)                       Sobrevivir Participation

    Extra Credit beyond the incentives included in the Sobrevivir program will not be offered.