• Welcome to Information Literacy - Grade 7

    Navigating available resources can be a daunting task.  There are so many sources! What resources are the best for which situations?  How do I efficiently and effectively locate these sources to find the best information for the project or task?  How do I use information from these sources ethically?  
    In this class we will examine a number of online sources and learn some helpful strategies to find good resources for school and in situation where information is needed to make future life choices.  We will also cover how to ethically use of information from multiple sources, including books, online resources - digital images and video, interviews, and other forms of .  
    Project #1: 
    • Search the Free Store on your iPad and upload the Destiny Quest ap to your iPad
    • Create a new button on your iPad for the FC Library
    • Complete the In-Class Scavenger Hunt & Works Cited
    • Check out one ebook and show the ebook in your "Backpack" to Ms. Kelly
    • Turn in your Scavenger Hunt and Works Cited to Showbie
    Project #2:
    • Upload the attached  City Project  into Notability. 
    • With a partner, complete this project and turn it into
    • Ms. Kelly's Showbie Class.  The class code was given to you in Class.  
    • Use the 5-step SEARCH process and Strategic Search Strategies discussed in class to complete your search.
    Project #3:   
    In class we talked about Website URLs, and how to use and create hyperlinks.  Hyperlinking websites to pictures or words, especially in a visual presentation, creates a very professional looking end product. It also helps you, as the presenter, showcase helpful websites and to share additional information to your audience. 
    Project #4: 

    For this assignment, you will be creating a Works Cited using an online program called Easybib.  You will create an EasyBib account.  As we learn about various resources, we will create a citation for each resource. 

    • Submit your final Works Cited in Showbie to Ms. Kelly prior to the final project.  
    Project #5:  
    Our final assignment will be done in small groups of 2.  Each group will pick a current events topic that can be debated.  (Your topic must be approved by Ms. Kelly before you begin the research and development of your team presentation.)

    You may use any of the online resources that we learned about in class, including:  


    • Newspaper Source (PL)
    • Safari Montage
    • Sirs Discoverer(PL)
    • Student Resource Center
    • Grolier Online - Pro-Con Debate or
    • Issues and Controversies                           


                           For this assignment, DO NOT USE GOOGLE. 

     What will I be graded on?


    You and your partner will:

    • Research your issue. Don't forget to use the 5 Step Process that we learned.  
    • Present your case, both Pro and Con.
    • Provide your conclusion, based upon your research (If you do not agree, you should present each side and how you came to that conclusion)

                                  - Turn in:    1. your presentation

                                                 2. the results of the 5 step process,

                                                        3. your Works Cited

                                  - Don't forget to have fun researching and presenting your topic!