HOLIDAY MART SUMMARY

    Budget: Please see PTO Treasurer for details.


    (1)             Select dates and secure permits for

    (2)             Contact Green Top fundraising, the company we use for the majority of items, to set the date.

    (3)             October/November- shop for miscellaneous gifts-mom, dad, brother, sister-, TJMaxx, Kohls,  5 Below, etc., Please keep receipts for reimbursement

    (4)             3-4 weeks prior to the mart—

    a.           email Mr. Miller a blank copy of the flyer with the dates of the holiday mart and he will fill in the class schedule.

                                                                                                  i.         Once schedule is set, volunteer sign up flyers should be made and distributed.  Copies should be done at Office Depot using the school copy card.   Mrs. Penkrot has a card available for check out.  Flyers should be sent out at least 2 weeks in advance. 

                                                                                               ii.         When volunteer flyers have been returned, compile names and create a schedule for helpers.  Emails and E-Alerts should be sent as reminders for volunteers.

    b.          Envelopes should arrive from company.  Envelopes should be stapled to holiday flyer and sent out to school.

    c.           Buy 3 boxes of shopping bags form Office Depot

    (5)             Week of the Holiday Mart

    a.           Meet with Green Top Fundraising for delivery of items to be placed on the stage.  Review instructions.  Code all items you bought with dots found in the Holiday Mart bins in the PTO closet.

    b.          Confirm with Eisenhower custodians for set up of 13-15 tables.

    c.           Cash registers are in the PTO closet.  Have PTO treasurer supply cash (need plenty of ones and fives, plus a small jar of coins for change).

    d.          Check the PTO closet for the decorations/supplies bins for your specific event.   



    (1)             Set-up—schedule volunteers to set up 13-15 tables in gym according to mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister, teacher and pets

    (2)             Decorate.

    (3)             Make index cards with label codes to be displayed next to each item.  Make sure codes and class schedules are visible at the register and around the room.



    (1)     Kids need to shop with bags from Office Max, clipboards and pens/pencil

    (2)    Two people will be needed for registers at all classes.

    (3)    Restock and fix code cards as classes come in on their shifts.

    (4)    Keep a box with damaged goods on the stage to inventory later



    Clean-up—You will need to count how many items are left over, make an index card with the number of those items and put everything in the ziplocs  provided by the company.  This will tell you how many items were sold/damaged so we can figure out how much we owe Green Top.

                  The best way to do this is is have someone count the leftover merchandise, note how much is left and place items with note inside a ziploc.  Walk through and tally what is left and mark those numbers on the order sheet


    Pack up ziplocs in boxes, according to mom’s, dad’s etc. and place on the stage with registers in their boxes for Green Top pick up.


    *Tally items sold x price and total amount due on the order sheet


    *Fill out paperwork in folder provided


    *Have check ready in folder for pick up a few days later with 6% sales tax minus $250 credit





    Committee members should keep all receipts for reimbursements.  Reimbursement forms can be downloaded from the school website.  RECEIPTS MUST BE LABELED AND ATTACHED TO THE FORMS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE REIMBURSEMENT.