• Bingo Night Summary



    Budget: Please see PTO Treasurer for details.



    (1)             Obtain permit from the High School.  The PTO secretary should do this at the end of the previous year.

    (2)             Contact the High School to request set-up in the cafeteria at least 1 month in advance.

    a.           Speak with Bill Jordan (bjordan@uscsd.k12.pa.us) to request the following:

                                                            i.         Overhead Projector

                                                          ii.         Screen

                                                         iii.         Table set up by screen with a mic

                                                         iv.         5 tables set up next to lunchroom

    1.          3 for food

    2.          2 for prizes

    (3)             Prepare flyer to invite kids and their parents to social.  Sample copies of flyers for the evening can be downloaded from the school website.    Flyers should be copied at Office Depot using the school’s copy card.  Mrs. Penkrot has copy cards available for check out.  Remember to include an RSVP.

    (4)             Give flyer to Mrs. Penkrot in the office to put in the teacher mailboxes to send home with the kids about 3 weeks before the event

    (5)             Check the PTO closet for the supplies bins for your specific event.   Shop (Target, 5 Below, ToysRUs) for the following if supplies are low:

    a.           Prizes=unisex toys and games

    b.          Food Service gloves for meal

    c.           Transparency Pens

    (6)             Check the paper goods bins for supplies, as well as the serving plates and utensils available on PTO closet shelves.   It is also a good idea to check bottled juice and water supplies before purchasing as there are often leftovers from previous events.  Shop for the following food supplies:

    a.           Small Water Bottles

    b.          Pop

    c.           Candy

    d.          Chips/Snacks

    (7)             Buy door prize gift cards and bingo prizes

    a.           5 adult prizes (past idea: 5-$10 Target gift cards)

    b.          5 child prizes (past idea: 5-$10 Carmike gift cards)

                      c.     13 bingo prizes for kids (one for each game)-unisex toys/games from Five Below or Target 

    (8)             Contact pizza company for pricing, delivery info, set-up

                      a.     Ardolino’s has a 12ct for $10/$1.50 delivery fee + tip
                      b.     Quantity will vary – ordered 30 in 2016. ( 3 ½ pizzas leftover – raffle 2 @ end)

    c.          Be sure to have a pizza cutter!

    KONA ICE can be a part of evening in lieu of sweet/cookies. They have an indoor cart. NO cost to PTO. 25% of sales  back to PTO.   Contact Information: Andrew Egli/412.925.0804/www.Kona-Ice.com

           (9)     Pick up all Bingo supplies from PTO closet

    (10)       Make two (1 adult and 1 child) gift bags for door prize tickets

    (11)       Make price sheet for food/drinks

    a.           Pizza and drinks = $1 each

    b.          Candy $.50

    (12)       Get cash for change

    a.           $75 in ones

    b.          $50 in fives

    c.           3 rolls of quarters 



    (1)             Arrive 90 minutes before start for set-up-custodians can get dollies

    (2)             Set up bingo cards at entrance

    a.           1 volunteer to give each attendee 2 cards

    b.          1 volunteer to give each attendee a door prize ticket and instruct to drop in correct bag

    (3)             Set up prize table

    (4)             Set up food table

    (5)             Set up bingo caller’s table  

    (6)             Set up outline of bingo schedule and transparency



    (1)    The game should match the caller’s outline.

    (2)    Play 13 games

    a.           After the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th games, do 1 adult door prize and 1 child door prize

    b.          13th game is a coverall game

    c.           Final Door Prizes



    AFTER THE SOCIAL:  Please be sure to return all decorations and games to the correct bins in the PTA closet.   All serving pieces, utensils and coffee pots must also be washed and returned to the PTA closet shelves.  Please return all unused paper goods to the correct bin in the PTA closet. 




    Committee members should keep all receipts for reimbursements.  Reimbursement forms can be downloaded from the school website.  RECEIPTS MUST BE LABELED AND ATTACHED TO THE FORMS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE REIMBURSEMENT.


    Committees do not have to account for allergies in the menu.  Since an adult must attend Bingo with the student, the adult would have responsibility for the dietary needs of the child.