• Birthday Book Club Summary



    Budget: Please see PTO Treasurer for details.

    How to Manage the Birthday Book Club Requests



    (1)             Obtain the list of books from the librarian.  Once the librarian has given the list of books, you can order the books (Amazon is usually a good start). 

    a.           Order books with a library binding for longevity.

    b.          If library binding is not available, order hardcover.  Do no order paperback books.

    c.           Be mindful of free shipping offers and have books shipped to your home.

    d.          Fill out a PTO Reimbursement form, attach receipt and send to PTO Treasurer.

    (2)             Purchase ribbon (if supplies in PTO closet are low) to use during presentation.

    (3)             Prepare flyer to invite kids and their parents participate in the Book Club.  Sample copies of flyers can be downloaded from the school website.    Flyer should be printed at Office Depot using the school’s copy card.  Mrs. Penkrot has card available for check out.

    (4)             Give flyer to Mrs. Penkrot in the office to put in the teacher mailboxes to send home with the kids at beginning of school year.

    (5)        Check Birthday Book Club mailbox in the front office once a week.  The librarian can also send         requests (including the order check) to you with your child. 

    NOTE:  Many parents do not adhere to the one week turnaround time for orders, so please be aware of timing so labels can be done asap.




    (1)             Create the label/bookplate for the BD book.  The label should have the following:

    Birthday Book Club

    Donated by: 

    Child’s Name

    Birthdate (always use current year and not the year of their birth)

    (2)             Send the label back to the librarian asap. 

    (3)             The book is prepared for presentation by one of the librarian’s volunteers.

    (4)             Submit order check to treasurer for deposit.  You must include a PTO deposit slip which can be downloaded from the website.

    (5)             Remove the ordered book from the Birthday Book Club List.  You do not have create new lists at all times.  It is best to use judgment- once a few books have come off the list, then create a new copy for the office, and have the PTO VP update the website and send an e-alert.





    Committee members should keep all receipts for reimbursements.  Reimbursement forms can be downloaded from the school website.  RECEIPTS MUST BE LABELED AND ATTACHED TO THE FORMS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE REIMBURSEMENT.