• Box Tops Summary



    Budget: Please see PTO Treasurer for details.


    Basic responsibilities include regularly requesting, collecting, organizing, counting and shipping Box Tops.  Although the final “due date” is in early March, it is best keep in continuing work well before this due so Box Tops do not pile up…makes things MUCH easier.


    Time Table of Events:

                           Twice yearly deadlines are in early November and early March.  It would be best to start early and hold a Fall contest.  The Winter contest is traditionally the “Snowball” contest where kids earn a paper snowball for every 10 Box Tops they turn in.  The kids then get to place a snowball on a classroom door of their choice.


    (1)             Print flyers through Office Depot, using the school card.  Mrs. Penkrot has copy cards to check out in the front office.  Separate flyers into homeroom groups by teacher.   Give flyers to Mrs. Penkrot in the office to put in the teacher mailboxes to send home with the kids about 3 weeks before the social.

    (2)             Place Collection boxes in classrooms and front office. 

    (3)             START COLLECTING AND COUNTING  EARLY!!!  It will be much more manageable in the long run.

    (4)             Plan small incentive prizes (gift cards, coupons) along the way to keep students motivated.

    (5)             Send out E-Alerts before and during collection/competitions.  E-Alerts should also contain link to collection sheets.  Collection sheets should be linked to PTO website as well.



    (1)         See www.BTFE.com/coordinator or the Coordinator Kit mailing for specific instructions.






    Committee members should keep all receipts for reimbursements.  Reimbursement forms can be downloaded from the school website.  RECEIPTS MUST BE LABELED AND ATTACHED TO THE FORMS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE REIMBURSEMENT.