• Scholastic Book Fair Summary



    Budget: Please see PTO Treasurer for details.


    Contact:  Maureen Burkey

    1-800-543-0112 ext. 3242


    Restock phone number: 1-800-352-7186

    Account number: 305449


    The book fair is scheduled each year around the dates of the Open House in September and Spring Exhibit in May.  When the final school calendar is approved, confirm the dates of the fair with Maureen. 


    Maureen is very helpful and will send you, via email, information about the book fair promotional packages and help you spend the scholastic dollars the fair earns.  You will need to change the email address and login information with scholastic. 


    Mr. Miller creates the schedule.  Contact him a few weeks prior to update it.  Scholastic will send a planning kit to the school with the book fair flyers.  You will need to copy the schedule (Karen Penkrot has the copy card) and staple one copy to each flyer to go home with the students at least a week prior to the start of the fair.  At this time, hang the posters that advertise the sale in Café Ike and at the front door.  They will be in the box with the flyers from scholastic along with some other supplies you probably won’t use.   Give the preview video to Mrs. Naumann.  She will show it in her classes and let you know what the kids are really interested in. 


    You will need to submit a request for reimbursement to the treasurer of the PTO a few weeks prior to the fair to get start up cash for the registers.  We used the following breakdown but often ended up getting additional change or using some of our own change:

    $40 tens                       $60 quarters                 $6 pennies

    $20 fives                      $30 dimes

    $80 ones                      $14 nickels


    Set-up for the fair is after school.  Make sure you have a few volunteers to help.  The cases are set up in alphanumeric order.  Mr. Tom and his team will bring tables into the gym to be set up in the middle of the room.  Books in the boxes will be used on those tables.  You will need at least one table for a register, one table for the teacher wish lists and a small table in the hallway for the teacher preview. Tablecloths are used on the tables.


    We try to only put out small items, like pointers, pencils, erasers and bookmarks.  There are diaries and similar items that are ok.  Anything that you do not think is appropriate can be hidden behind the curtain on the stage.  In addition, we generally don’t put out any religion-themed holiday books.  Mrs. Naumann will go through as well and let you know if she believes anything is not appropriate for our age groups.


    Teacher preview is in the morning about 7:30 am.  Have the Keurig and some water from the PTO closet along with some baked goods and/or candy available.  In the spring, the book fair coincides with staff appreciation week so you can go a bit smaller.  Make sure there are enough teacher wish list forms available for them to fill out. 


    Prior to the sale, make sure that the guidance counselor has vouchers to give to any students who might need them.  We refer to them as raffle winners and the student can choose any book up to $7.00.  If the book is more that is fine.  Make sure anyone working the register knows about the vouchers.  Put the amount the book cost on the voucher and put it in the drawer with the checks.


    Have a pile of student wish lists and pencils available for students who did not bring money on the table with the registers.  You will run out of plastic bags and will need to bring your own in or ask people to bring in when they volunteer.


    Once the classes start coming in, your primary job is to work the register.  The directions are included in the register box.  If you make a mistake, just void the sale and start over.  The parent helpers will be busier when the younger students are in, generally the 3rd and 4th graders do not want any assistance.


    It is important to remind the parent volunteers that there is tax on the book sales.  If the student comes in with a specific list of what to get, then that is what they have to get.  If not, then use your judgment.  We generally encourage them to buy books but can only argue so much.


    Every day before noon, call for a restock order (number and account above.)  If there is a book that an entire 3rd grade class wanted, chances are that the next 3rd grade class will want it as well.  If you order too much, that is fine because what doesn’t get sold is simply sent back.  Do not restock towards end of sale unless you are ordering something specific.


    If a book runs out and you know the price, then you can have the student pay for it and make it part of the restock order.  Take their name, homeroom, book amount and that it is paid.  When it comes in, either during or after the fair then you can deliver it to the student.


    If Scholastic is offering a pre-sale (only in the fall) then you will get a flyer for the students to fill out.  Make sure you have plenty of them available.  To participate in the pre-sale, the book must be paid for and you need the student’s name and homeroom so it can be delivered when it comes in a few weeks later. 


    At the end of each day, run a register report on each register.  Take the drawers out for the night.  At the end of the fair, run a cumulative report.  This will give your final numbers for the sales on that register from the three days.  You will need to count all the money and completely fill out a deposit form prior to giving it to the treasurer.  The cash and checks will be part of the PTO deposit, the credit card sales go directly to Scholastic.


    After Thursday morning reports are printed out, total the total fair sales (excluding sales tax) line item.  Typically, we have Mrs. Naumann pull books worth 10% of sales to that point to expand their libraries.  She will leave you a final total of what she pulled and you will report that number to Scholastic when filing the final report.


    To run a report at the end of each day: click Staff, then reports, then generate.  This report should say “day of” on the screen when you hit generate.


    To run the report at the end of the sale: click Staff, then reports, then select cumulative, then generate.  This will give you the total sales on that register for the three days.


    After the sale closes, you will need to call in the final results to Scholastic at 1-888-412-9124 using the account number above.  You will need the total sales from all the registers used – the gross sales line – combined.  You will also need the total credit card sales combined. They will ask the following:

                What is the account number

                Total gross sales combined                  

                Were all the items taxed  (Yes, we tax all items)

                Will tell you what was earned in Scholastic and actual dollars (take the cash payout)

                Will ask if any product was pulled (this is whatever the librarian pulled)

                They will give you the total Scholastic dollars earned (Mark can order from the catalog to spend this)

                They will ask for the total credit card sales

                You will receive an email invoice with all the financial information and the bill that needs to be paid (send this to the treasurer with a request for payment)



    Basic Event Schedule:


    When school calendar is adopted in the spring:

     confirm following year dates

    One-two months prior to fair:

    order promotional package

    Three weeks prior to sale:

    submit request for reimbursement to treasurer for start up cash

    Two weeks prior:

    get updated schedule from Mr. Miller, copy and send home with book fair flyer, give preview video to Mrs. Naumann, check supplies of teacher wish lists, vouchers, table cloths, student wish lists, pencil, supplies for teacher preview

    One-week prior:

    make sure you have enough help for Monday set-up and for Thursday night, get cash to open registers with

    During sale:

    Monitor books that are selling for restock as needed, refill tables and pull carts as things sell, monitor cash and change amounts (we sometimes have to get more singles, quarters, and/or pennies during the week)

    After sale:

    Count all cash and checks and submit to treasurer with a deposit slip, call in final register tallies to number listed above