• High School Junior Ryan Harkleroad Receives “Positive High School Athlete” Award

    Ryan Harkleroad was recently named a C Harper “Positive High School Athlete” in the sport of boys’ basketball.
    Positive Athlete Pittsburgh, led by former Steelers great Hines Ward, is a movement by high-characterRHarkleroad athletes in Western Pennsylvania to promote the benefits of “positivity” to young athletes. The organization believes it is crucial to begin shaping the futures of young athletes for life skills beyond athletic competition.
    The seven attributes of a Positive Athlete are (source http://pittsburgh.positiveathlete.org/about-us/):
    1. Optimistic Attitude—Most coaches will tell you that an athlete who believes positive things will happen has a greater chance for success.
    2. Encouraging Teammate—In every sport, teammates are going to experience some kind of failure. Positive Athletes are the first ones to encourage them.
    3. Servant Leader—Positive Athletes do not think about being the “stars of the team.” They lead through serving others first and by setting an example.
    4. Heart for Others—Many athletes are blessed with gifts that many others are not. The Positive Athlete seeks to help the less gifted or fortunate.
    5. Admits Imperfections—This is Positive Athlete…not Perfect Athlete. Athletes willing to admit they make mistakes gain the respect of teammates and fans.
    6. Always Gives 100%—Not every athletic competition goes as planned, but a Positive Athlete always gives 100% no matter what the scoreboard says.
    7. Puts Team First—There are times when personal achievement may hurt the team’s goal. Positive Athletes choose their team.

    Pictured above:
    Hines Ward presents Ryan Harkleroad with a $500 scholarship for being named a “Positive High School Athlete” in boys’ basketball.