• USC School Board and Administrators Celebrate Community Day

    One of the highlights of Upper St. Clair’s annual Community Day is the parade. In addition to the many school and community groups that participate in the parade, School Board members and administrators enjoy being a part of the parade. Everyone is excited as they see the trucks approaching with candy being thrown to the bystanders along the parade route. Parents and children wave as they see their school’s principal.

    So, how do all of those containers of candy make their way to the parade assembly area? Thanks to the School District’s Central Office Custodian, Chuck Taylor, the candy is delivered to the School District parade participants shortly before the parade begins.
    Community Day is truly a USC tradition! We are already looking forward to next year’s event!!
    Pictured getting ready for the Community Day parade in the assembly area are:
    Above right: Judy Bulazo and Erin Peterson (left); Lou Angelo, Dan Beck and Joe DeMar (center); Pat O’Toole and Claire Miller (right)
    Left: standing Left - Louis Oliverio; Sitting: Barbara Bolas (left) and Amy Billerbeck (right)
    Shown right: Sharon Suritsky (left); Mark Miller and John Rozzo (center); Amy Pfender and Pat McClintock-Comeaux (right)
    Shown left: Mark Miller (left) and John Rozzo (right) thank Chuck Taylor for bringing the candy to the School Board members and Administrators for the Community Day parade.