• High School Students Chosen for May 2015 “Deans’ List”

    The following May 2015 High School Deans’ List awardees and nominating teachers were honored at a special Deans’ Breakfast on May 28:
    • Andrew Bartusiak nominated by Ms. Elizabeth Cecelia (English)
    • Brooks Wilding nominated by Mr. Sean O’Rourke (English)
    • Alexis Scott nominated by Ms. Sarah Shoemaker (Fine & Performing Arts)
    • Alexander Cohen nominated by Mrs. Lynn Kopaz (World Language)
    • Kelley Stehura nominated by Mrs. Kelly Krakosky (World Language)
    • Rachel Coggins nominated by Mrs. Debbie Rentschler (Library)
    • William Friedlander nominated by Mrs. Diane Lavine (Mathematics)
    • Isaac Goodman nominated by Mrs. Laura Carlino (Science)
    • Jared Lin nominated by Dr. Dom Frollini (Science)
    • Rachel Liptak nominated by Mr. Pat Manion (Social Studies)
    • Taylor Baker nominated by Mrs. Betsy Hess (Wellness)
    • Kaitlyn Cook nominated by Mrs. Betsy Hess (Wellness)
    The Deans’ List award was named and established at the time when there were Deans in the High School administration. The Dean’s List was established to recognize high school students who demonstrate positive student attributes, make good choices and decisions, and who serve as role models through their attitudes and actions. Each month, staff members representing each curricular area nominate students for this recognition. Students are invited to attend a Deans’ Breakfast given in their honor where their actions are recognized. Students receive a certificate of accomplishment in addition to a commemorative pen. The student characteristics that are considered by the staff in making their nominations include the following:
    • Responsibility
    • Diligence and perseverance in school work
    • Positive attitudes towards classmates and teachers
    • Kindness and empathy for fellow classmates
    • Helpfulness to teachers and staff
    • Leadership on and off campus
    • Exemplary behavior
    Pictured below:
    These were students nominated for the May 2015 Deans’ List recognized at the breakfast held on May 28.

    First Row (Left to Right): Rachel Coggins, Andrew Bartusiak, Brooks Wilding, Isaac Goodman, Rachel Liptak, Taylor Baker, Kaitlyn Cook, Jaren Lin, Alexis Scott, Kelley Stehura, William Friedlander, and Alexander Cohen.
    Second Row (Left to Right): Dr. Louis Angelo, Mrs. Debbie Rentschler, Ms. Elizabeth Cecelia, Mr. Sean O’Rourke, Mrs. Laura Carlino, Mr. Pat Manion, Mrs. Betsy Hess, Dr. Dom Frollini, Mrs. Diane Lavine and Mrs. Lynn Kopaz.