• Middle School Math Students “Measure Up” in Regional 24 Tournaments

    In March, Fort Couch and Boyce Middle Schools each held their own school-wide Regional 24 Math Competition to determine the top students for each grade level. Challenge 24 is a unique math card game where players compete to be the first to make “24” with four numbers.

    The top students from Fort Couch who participated in the Regional 24 Competition were Sam Burt, Brooke Christiansen, Devan Ekbote, Juls Gianni, Meghan Joon, and Braden Yates. These students practiced extensively on their own time and were excited to compete and represent USC at the Regional 24 Competition held at the Jefferson Hills Municipal Center on May 1.

    Both Devan and Brooke placed in the “Top 4” for the 7th and 8th grade division. Brooke finished with a silver medal and Devan won the gold! Meghan and Braden stepped up to compete in the platinum round, where the 24 patterns can include exponents, decimals, fractions, integers, and algebraic values. Meghan earned the silver medal and Braden finished with the gold medal!

    Boyce students traveling to the regional competition were sixth graders Christian Chiu, Declan Gessel, and Emily Gianni and, fifth graders, Esha Lahoti, Shavani Jajoo and Daniel Wang. Christian took first in the sixth grade competition and Emily earned a second place. For the fifth graders, Daniel Wang was ranked second overall.

    Teacher/sponsors were Ms. Yasmina Hough at Fort Couch and Ms. Kathleen Hoedeman at Boyce.Regional24-2015

    Who said math games could not be fun? The 2015 Regional 24 Tournament participants include (back row from left to right) Brooke Christiansen, Juls Gianni, Meghan Joon, Sam Burt, Braden Yates, Devan Ekbote, (front row) Emily Gianni, Esha Lahoti, Shivani Jajoo, Declan Gessel, Christian Chiu and Daniel Wang.