• Boyce Poets Publish Works

    Every famous writer has to start somewhere. According to www.poetpower.com, musician and songwriter Taylor Swift earned a “Top Ten Winner” recognition in the Creative Communication contest when she was in fifth grade!
    Based on the Fall 2014 contest, the following Boyce students were selected to have their poems published in the Creative Communication contest:
    • Sujay Banerjee
    • Drew Blodgett
    • Sadhana Boddhula
    • Gabby Brubach
    • Christian Chiu
    • Antara Cleetus
    • Harrison Chui
    • Ami Doshi
    • Dylan Fall
    • Sara Hess
    • Jenny Huo
    • Evan Jakovac
    • Patrick Joyce
    • Ben Lang
    • Kathy Li
    • Richa Mahajan
    • Shay McDowell
    • Morgan Meddings
    • Rohan Mishra
    • Jonah Murray
    • Jack Myers
    • Sophia Pries
    • Vanessa Rainier
    • Amber Seery
    • Sammie Seewald
    • Ishaan Shah
    • Sophia Shi
    • Henry Zou
    Creative Communication is an association devoted to the promotion of writing, teaching, and appreciation of student writing. Contests are offered to motivate creativity and excellent writing skills. Each year, the top entries are published in an anthology that will record the creative insights of today’s student writers.

    These sixth grade authors from Diane Ecker's class will see their poems published in the Fall 2014 boycepoets Creative Communication Anthology (left to right):
    (first row) Sophia Shi, Dylan Fall, Jack Myers, Jonah Murray, Harrison Chui, Sara Hess, Kathy Li, Shay McDowell
    (middle row) Jenny Huo, Sophia Pries, Gabby Brubach, Christian Chiu, Henry Zou, Evan Jakovac, Antara Cleetus, Sammie Seewald, Ben Lang, Drew Blodgett
    (last row) Patrick Joyce, Ami Doshi, Sadhana Boddhula, Sujay Banerjee, Ishaan Shah, Richa Mahajan, Vanessa Rainier, Morgan Meddings and Rohan Mishra
    (Missing from the photo is Amber Seery)