• On March 4th 2015, The Exec Board of Upper St Clair PTA Council met with our PA PTA State Representative Bonita Allen and Family Engagement Chair Mark Connor to discuss the future of PTA Council.  Currently, PTA Council is concerned that our PTSO (USC HIGH SCHOOL) does not have a vote at Council level and can not be a full member of our Executive Board.   Other units in our district are also considering the switch from PTA to PTO.  Council wants to be a representation of our whole district, not just the units associated with the PTA.  
    The minutes of this meeting are posted here: PTA COUNCIL MEETING WITH STATE PTA 
    After meeting with our State PTA representatives, a special meeting was held to vote on the the creation of a new 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that will be named Upper St Clair Parent Teacher Council.  

    The new Parent Teacher Council Bylaws are here: Proposed USC Parent Teacher Council Bylaws 

    The proposed 2015-2016 PTC Budget is here: Proposed 2015 - 2016 USC PTC Budget 
    On March 25, 2015, the Executive Board of Council Approved the Amended Budget for the remaining 2014/2015 school year,
    It can be found here:  Amended PTA Council Budget
    Here are the minutes from the March 25th meeting March 25 Exec Board Minutes  (approved via email in a motion by Vicki Strain of Boyce, seconded by Karly Cianflone of Baker)
    More questions?  Please watch this Slide Show:  PTA or PTO Slide Show 
    Please come to the April 8th PTA Council meeting at the USCHS to hear the PTA State Representatives speak as well as the Unit delegates and Council Officers vote to either officially dissolve PTA Council and create a new Parent Teacher Council or remain affiliated with the State and National PTA. 
    Questions?  Please email Brooke Tarcson brooketarcson@hotmail.com 



Last Modified on August 31, 2016