• Statistics



    Instructors: Mr. Langley

    Email: clangley@uscsd.k12.pa.us

    Textbook: Seeing Through Statistics 3rd Edition by Jessica M. Utts


    “Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write.”

    H. G. Wells, (1866 - 1946)


    What will I do in Statistics?

    The 21st century has become known as the “Information Age.”  News, ideas, facts, and opinions travel around the globe instantaneously.  Whether doctors are testing the effectiveness of a new drug, or an average citizen is trying to decide who to vote for in November, everyone needs to be able to look past the presentational bias that sometimes comes from the media, and be able to sort, evaluate, and interpret the deluge of information that is available.  This is where statistics come into play.


    To be successful in this class, you will need to be involved in your learning.  You will be expected to take notes on the class presentations, complete questions/problems having to do with the class presentations, and complete projects that have you evaluate statistical studies or create your own.  In addition, it will be up to you to identify when you need extra help/practice.  There are usually math teachers in the Resource Center throughout the school day.  It is your responsibility to seek the help you need!


    You will be experiencing a variety of activities throughout the year.  Some days may involve lecturing and independent class work.  Other days, you will be participating in cooperative learning groups, researching and designing projects, and making presentations to the class.


    Your success in this course will require hard work and self-discipline, a responsible and positive attitude, and consistent class attendance.  I am looking forward to working with and getting to know each of you.  Together, I am confident that we will have an enjoyable and successful year of statistics.


    What will I need?

    •    Three-Ring Binder & Loose Leaf Paper

    •    Pencil(s)

    •    Scientific or Graphing Calculator

    •    Colored pens or pencils




    Statistics Topics

    The course has been separated into areas of study and is taught in the following order.

    Unit 1              Introduction & Density Curves

    Unit 2              Data Collection

    Unit 3              Descriptive Statistics

    Unit 4              Data Analysis

    Unit 5              Probability & Randomness

    Unit 6              Statistical Inference



    Letter Grade



    89.5% or Above









    ·      Quizzes  - There will be a quiz for every chapter or section of chapters, and they may range in value from 15-45 points.

    ·      Homework will be assigned each chapter.  Students are responsible for using their class notes to help them complete the assigned problems.  Occasionally, you may be given class time to work on homework problems.  Homework will be worth 2 points, and turned in the day of the quiz for that unit. In order to receive the maximum grade, every problem must be attempted.  No late homework will be accepted.

    ·      Mini-Projects – Throughout the year, we will have several mini-projects related to the material we study.  Some of these will be completed individually, while others will be done in groups.  They will be worth between 15-35 points.  Generally, you will be given a window of a few days to complete mini-projects.  Some of these will be completed in class, while others will be completed out of school.

    ·      Final Projects – At the conclusion of each semester, you will work in groups to conduct a thorough statistical study using all of the techniques you have learned throughout the year.  You will be given significant time in class to work on this project, and therefore, exceptional work is expected.  This project will be worth up to 100 points.

    ·      Semester Exams – information will follow.

    ·      Bonus: There is none, so don’t even ask for it!


    Each semester grade is calculated as a cumulative total of your two nine weeks grades and the semester exam.



    All course content (chapter notes, review sheets, review answer keys, etc.) is available on Canvas.  I will not print out the chapter notes.  You will be responsible for printing them ahead of time and bringing them to class. I try to update your grades after every quiz or test, so your current grade should never be a surprise.



    Missing Class

    Absent due to Illness: Upon returning to school, you must make arrangements to turn in any assignments that you’ve missed, as well as make-up any missed tests or quizzes.  In general, if you are absent, your make-up work should be completed within the number of days that you missed.  For example, if you miss two days, you have two days upon returning to school to turn in your missed assignments.


    IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO COMPLETE ANY MISSED ASSIGNMENTS!  DO NOT COUNT ON ME TO REMIND YOU!  I try to update MMS after every test or quiz, so you need to check it frequently to make sure you are caught up.  As according to Upper St. Clair High School policy, any work that is completed more than two weeks after the due date is scored as a zero in the gradebook!  This policy applies to homework, quizzes, tests, projects, activities, and semester exams.  If there are extenuating circumstances, please come see me!


    Absent due to Field Trip/Extra-Curricular Activity: You are required to find out about assignments prior to missing class and are expected to have all assignments completed on the same day as your classmates.  If you miss a test/quiz, then arrangements for taking it are to be made prior to your absence.  I recommend that you see me during homeroom.


    Absent due to Truancy: Any student who cuts class will receive a zero for any work due in class that day.  This includes tests, quizzes, projects, activities, homework, etc..



    If you are feeling a bit flustered, I encourage you to seek extra help in the Resource Center.  Math teachers are there throughout the day.  I can meet with you during homeroom, before school, or after school via appointment as my schedule permits.



    Cheating includes, but is not limited to, copying homework, telling students in other classes about the problems or answers from a quiz or test, storing test answers or formulas in a graphing calculator, copying from another student during class, or sharing calculators during an assessment.  Cheating on homework, quizzes, tests, or other assignments is punishable under the school discipline code.  Anyone caught cheating will receive a failing grade for that assignment, quiz, or test and a discipline report will be issued.



    Student Honor Pledge

    I certify that the work I am submitting is my own and that I have not sought any assistance that would constitute cheating or plagiarism.

                            Upper St. Clair High School Ethics Committee – May 2008


    Learn the Honor Pledge.  If you can sincerely attest to its validity, you are required to write it at the end of every quiz or test.  If you cannot truthfully sign it, please discuss it with me when you turn in your assignment.



    Class Procedures and Rules

    1. Report to class on time and begin checking homework or working on any warm-up problems.  Three unexcused tardies will result in a discipline report.
    2. Bring your notes and Chromebook to class every day.
    3. Take notes in the course notebook during class discussions and use extra time to work on assignments.
    4. I do not want to see or hear any cell phones in class, unless I give you permission.  Failure to comply will result in the confiscation of the device and discipline reports will be issued.
    5. Be responsible, honest, and respectful at all times.
    6. You must be responsible for picking up and disposing of your own trash.
    7. I prefer that you use the restroom during free periods or between classes.  However, if an emergency arises, please inform me that you need to be excused and take the hall pass.


    The items included on this syllabus are subject to change at my discretion.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to…

    ·      See me after class or in the Resource Center.

    ·      Email me or write me a note.

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