• Galaxy Team

    Assessment Portfolio and Thursday Report

         Weekly, our team of teachers meet to discuss the  progress of each of our students both academically and behaviorally.   We complete the Thursday Report to communicate to the students and parents on a weekly basis how the children performed in each classroom, along with all other areas of school.  This open-line of communication promotes student ownership for learning and accountability.  The Thursday Report is distributed along with any test, quiz, essay, or project grades from throughout the week across all classes within the Galaxy Team.  Every Thursday, the students take home the Assessment Portfolio and Thursday Report to communicate weekly progress that has been made, and they return these materials with a parent signature by Friday. 
       Thank you to all Galaxy Team parents for taking time on Thursday to review the Thursday Report and Assessment Portfolio with your child!  We appreciate your ongoing support and for signing and returning the Assessment Portfolio with all assessments in addition to the Thursday Report with your child on Friday.
    Assessment PortfolioThursday Report