• Welcome to Upper St. Clair!

    District Administration Building Our District Administration Building is located on the Upper St. Clair High School campus - adjacent to the stadium. If you enter campus via Truxton Drive, the one-way road takes you directly in front of the building. Visitor parking is located across from the entrance. If you enter via Westminster or McLaughlin Run Road, enter the upper parking lot and park in the spaces above the administration building. The building's main entrance is marked by an arched overhang.

    During the school year, our administrative offices are open weekdays from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Throughout the summer, offices typically close at 3:30 p.m.

    School hours vary for our students - please check on the building level websites for more information. 

    Upper St. Clair School District
    District Administrative Building
    1775 McLaughlin Run Road
    Upper St. Clair  PA  15241
    412.833.1600 x 2202

    District Leadership

    Superintendent of Schools:
    412.833.1600 x 3211
    Deputy Superintendent (9-12):
    412.833.1600 x 2062
    Senior Director of Operations & Administrative Services:
    Mr. Ray Carson, Jr.
    412.833.1600 x 2063
    Director of Business & Finance:
    412.833.1600 x 2054

    Leadership Support Staff:

    Superintendent's Office & Operations/Admin. Services:
    412.833.1600 x 2218
    Assistant Superintendents' Offices:
    412.833.1600 x 2214

    Other Administrators

    Director of Operations & Facilities:
    412.833.1600 x 2272
    Director of Technology:
    412.833.1600 x 2059
    Director of Curriculum & Professional Development:
    412.833.1600 x 2061
    Director of Pupil Services:
    412.833.1600 x 2113
    Director of Transportation:
    412.833.1600 x 3451
    Substitute Director of Special Education:
    412.833.1600 x 2064
    Director of Strategic Initiatives:
    412.833.1600 x 3318


    Communications Specialist: 
    412.833.1600 x 2215


    Baker Elementary School (K-4)
    412.833.1600 x 4000
    Eisenhower Elementary School (K-4)
    Mr. Mark Miller, Principal
    412.833.1600 x 8000
    Streams Elementary School (K-4)
    412.833.1600 x 6000
    Boyce Middle School (5-6)
    Dr. Christine Mussomeli, Assistant Principal
    412.833.1600 x 5000
    Fort Couch Middle School (7-8)
    Mr. Gordon Mathews, Assistant Principal
    412.833.1600 x 3000
    Upper St. Clair High School (9-12)
    Dr. Dan Beck, Assistant Principal
    Ms. Cara Senger, Assistant Principal
    412.833.1600 x 2236

    Health Offices

    Nurse Department Chair: 
    Ms. Holly Fisher
    412.833.1600 x 4005

    Athletics Office

    Director of Athletics: 
    Mr. Danny Holzer
    412.833.1600 x 2260

    School Police

    Chief of School Police: 
    412.833.1600 x 2560

    Contracted Services

    ARAMARK Food Services:
    412.833.1600 x 2287

    To access the complete Staff Directory, click here.