pp   The school counseling curriculum works to meet the personal/social needs of all Eisenhower students by collaborating with the classroom teachers in delivering parts of the Olweus anti-bullying program.  It is the school counselor's responsibility to also address any additional concerns that may come up based off of student needs.  Often, the school counselor will incorporate career readiness skills and address academic development, in addition to these Olweus monthly topics. 

    teal paw   The counseling curriculum focuses not only character education, but also 21st century skills and ways of thinking.  Our K-4 program works with students on developing critical thinking skills, communication and public speaking, collaboration skills, goal setting, organization, perseverance and tenacity.  We want to help kids recognize the difference between a growth and fixed mindset, how to be an active listener, how to assess themselves honestly and how to handle stress and anxiety.
    purple paw   We teach this through our GRIT themes and lessons that focus on a word each month that helps in defining what it means to have "GRIT". Every Monday, we begin the week with a "Motivation Monday" video and discussion centered around the GRIT word of the month.  We also sprinkle in messages of empathy and kindness, feeling identification and emotional regulation, coping skills and honesty.  We tie these themes together with the Olweus program at the end of the month, with an "Ike's Buddy" actvity where 4th graders are paired with 2nd graders and 3rd graders are paired wth 1st graders, for a building-wide social emotional lesson.

     tp   Throughout the rest of the school year, your kids will bring home handouts or stories of what they did during their counseling lessons.  Be sure to check out our Motivation Monday videos on our main page! We hope that you'll discuss with them what they learned and how they can use those skills outside of school and as they continue on to become successful students and adults.