• 100 Days Smarter!

    Dear important people at home,     

    On Friday, January 29, the children will be 100 days smarter!

    To celebrate this achievement, the children may wear a shirt that they have decorated with 100 words that they know. You can use fabric crayons, fabric paint, markers or any other creative way to attach the 100 words.  Not sure your child can think of 100 words?  Not to worry, I have a list of the words we have encountered so far this year on my Teacher Pages! 

    This does not have to be a new shirt. Even an old shirt can be turned inside out to write the words on the plain side. You are encouraged to include the sentence, “I am 100 days smarter!” somewhere on the shirt.  The students, and myself, will wear their shirt to school on the 100th day and will participate in lots of activities involving the number 100!

    Have fun recognizing how much smarter your child has become!


    Miss Rehwald