• spelling bee Spelling words are listed in the monthly newsletter as well as the list below. The lists are also available on Spelling City. Your child may login to this FREE site to play games and practice the spelling words each week. A complete list is given for each week.  There are MANY ways to practice our spelling words on this site!  However, practicing with a paper and pencil or reciting the words out loud work great, as well! I also encourage students to write the words in meaningful sentences, using correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. 
    Spelling tests-
    Each Friday we will have a spelling test. The students will bring home a list of 6 words each Monday. 4 of the words will follow the phonetic pattern that we will be learning that week. The additional 2 words will be sight words (words that do not follow phonetic rules and cannot be sounded out). On the test, students will need to spell these 6 words, plus 4 words requiring application of the spelling pattern, and 2 review words from the previous week. If your child is absent on a Friday, please prepare them to take the test when they return to school. 
    Week 16- slope, globe, home, note, eight, here
    Week 17- ride, time, five, slide, pretty, new
    Week 18- tune, flute, cube, use, there, put
    Week 19- green, team, treat, sleep, could, every
    Week 20- brain, mail, train, chain, know, again
    Week 21- road, soak, toast, coat, walk, live
    Week 22- blow, snow, grow, low, other, been
    Week 23- shy, dry, sunny, party, two, from
    Week 24- fork, sport, born, stork, away, move