• Welcome to the Science Fair Resource Page

    There are several places to look for great ideas for Science Fair Projects.  Listed below are some of those places.  Stop by the Library to look at some of these or for help in finding other information for your Science Fair Project!
    Science Fair Explorer
    Science Fair Explorer is a database filled with science fair ideas.  It can be found on the POWER LIBRARY database, located on the Fort Couch Library Webpage.  Click on the Power Library, Click on the expand all tab, then scroll down to SIRS DISCOVERER.  On the right hand column click on Science Fair Explorer.  Have fun exploring all of the categories of ideas that focus on every day science around us. 
    Science Fair Book Collection
    Take a peak at the wide assortment of science fair project books that cover a wide variety of areas from Sports in Science to Science in the Kitchen!  See Ms. Kelly to find a book that will help you create an award winning project!