• Make a Commitment to Judge

    Judges are a vital part of the speech and debate experience. Comprised of coaches, family members, former students, and community volunteers, judges objectively appraise student performance at speech and debate tournaments. Voting ballots completed by judges not only determine the trophy winners at the end of the tournament, but also provide valuable feedback to students in improving their overall performance for the season. Speech and debate judges require no special background or previous experience. Any adult who is not currently enrolled in high school and has not competed locally in the past year is eligible to participate as a judge at local tournaments. 
    Please consider attending a season tournament as a judge by completing the form below. 
    If you know that you will be unable to attend on the day of a tournament commitment, please contact either Coach Watson or Coach Edwards within 24-hours so a replacement may be found. Judges who do not show up on the morning of their commitment must pay the speech and debate club 50-dollars to cover fines incurred by the team for missing judge requirements.