• Mr. Kevin Coffman

    Mathematics Teacher


    I received my B.S. in Mathematics from Case Western Reserve University in 2005 and my M.A.T. from the University of Pittsburgh in 2006. I began teaching at Upper St. Clair High School in 2006 and have since taught Accelerated Algebra 1 (2006-2008), Honors Geometry (2006-2009), Precalculus (2008-2010), Honors Precaculus/FST (2009-2020, 2022-present), Calculus (2010-2014), Statistics (2015-2016), AP Statistics (2009-present), CHS Honors Business Calculus (2014-present), Honors Advanced Math Topics / IB HL2 (2018-19), and CHS Introduction to Matrices and Linear Algebra (2019-present).

    Phone: 412-833-1600 x. 2605 Email: kcoffman@uscsd.k12.pa.us

    Current Courses:

    CHS Honors Business Calculus: College in High School Business Calculus is a College in High School course (Math 0120) offered through a partnership with the University of Pittsburgh. This is a rigorous, college level, calculus course for students interested in business, economics, and other social sciences. Though not required, students have the opportunity to earn 4 college math credits while still in high school for a fee. An understanding of and confidence with both differential and integral calculus are the objectives of this course. Students will investigate calculus from graphical, numeric, and algebraic perspectives. As per University of Pittsburgh policy, calculators may not be used in this course. See Pitt's College in High School page for more information about the program.

    AP Statistics: The purpose of the Advanced Placement course in statistics is to introduce students to the major concepts and tools for collecting data, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions from data. Students are exposed to four broad conceptual themes: 1. Exploring Data: Observing patterns and departures from pattern, 2. Planning a Study: Deciding what and how to measure, 3. Anticipating patterns: Producing models using probability and simulation, 4. Statistical inference: Confirming models. Students who successfully complete the course and examination may receive credit and/or advanced placement for a one-semester introductory college statistics course. Students are encouraged to purchase their own calculator.

    CHS Intro. to Matrices and Linear Algebra: Introduction to Matrices and Linear Algebra is a College in High School Course (Math 0280) offered in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh. The principal topics of the course include vectors, matrices, determinants, linear transformations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and selected applications. Though not required, students have the opportunity, for a fee, to earn college math credits while still in high school. A course in matrices and linear algebra is required for engineering and physics majors at the University of Pittsburgh and many other universities. See Pitt's College in High School page for more information about the program.

    Honors Functions, Statistics, & Trigonometry (FST): Topics will include, but are not limited to, Number Patterns, Equations and Inequalities, Functions and Graphs, Polynomial and Rational Functions, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability. Enough trigonometry is available to constitute a standard pre-calculus background in trigonometry. Algebraic and statistical concepts are integrated throughout, and modeling of real phenomena is emphasized. Students use a graphing calculator to graph functions, explore relationships between equations and their graphs, simulate experiments, and generate and analyze data. Students are encouraged to purchase their own graphing calculator.


    Canvas: https://uscsd.instructure.com/

Last Modified on August 24, 2022