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    USC World Language Department
    Professional Preparation:
    I am a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Spanish Education K-12 and a minor in Educational Psychology. Currently, I am continuing my studies in Educational Psychology to earn my Master's degree. My study abroad experiences include time exploring both Mexico and Spain. 
    Courses I have experience teaching:
    Passport to Spanish : current assignment
    Spanish 2 FLES/MSE
    Honors Spanish 4
    Spanish 3
    MYP Spanish 3 : current assignment
    6th Grade Spanish - Boyce Middle School 
        * reference the USCHS Program of Studies for complete course descriptions
    The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Standards are the standards the USC World Language Department has adopted. These can be accessed by clicking here. Students will be working with interpersonal, presentational, and interpretive modes of communication to strengthen their overall language proficiencies. We employ modern, research-based methods to engage students in learning. Classes are conducted in a student-centered manner requiring participation in the target langauge by the students.
    As a busy educator, this page is a work-in-progress. In the meantime, all information about courses is available on the Canvas website. There, you have access to syllabi, handouts, weekly course agendas, the Survivor "Simulated Immersion" Experience Outline, useful links and other pertinent course information for both students and parents. I hardly ever reference our out-of-date textbooks. For that reason, many supplementary classroom materials are posted digitally. Student grades are accessible on the Vision web portal. I encourage that both parents and students regularly check progress.
    ¿Conoce a un nativohablante que le guste compartir su idioma? ¡Avíseme, por favor! Siempre estoy buscando a gente que quiera ayudar a los estudiantes con sus habilidades comunicativas dentro del día escolar. Sería un gusto recibir a un nativohablante en clase. 
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