• Standards for Maintaining Membership 

    National Honor Society Scholarship

    An active member is expected to maintain a cumulative 3.5 unweighted semester average (no rounding).  A member whose cumulative average falls below 3.5 will be issued an academic warning.  Students then have one semester to raise their average to the required 3.5.  If they do not raise their average during the given semester, they will automatically be dismissed as required by the national organization.  Academic dismissal after one semester of probation is automatic.  There will be no warning or hearing.


    An active member is expected to continue to demonstrate the positive qualities of leadership for which they were selected.  If a member demonstrates negative leadership, a faculty member, adviser, or coach may report such infractions to the chapter adviser.  The adviser may take the information to the Faculty Council for their action.


    An active member is encouraged to continue participation in activities within the school.  The member must complete their assigned community service hours and deliver documentation to Dr. Torquato, by April 30th, 2023. Of the assigned hours, 2/3 of the hours must be within the school or for the school within the community, while 1/3 can be outside of the school.  Service opportunities are emailed to students monthly (school email accounts).  All members are responsible for peer tutoring and will be assigned according to courses and student schedule.


    An active member is expected to maintain the qualities associated with the character for which he/she was selected.  Any major infractions of school rules and regulations will be taken to the Faculty Council.  The faculty adviser will automatically inform the Council of any school suspension of a member. Dismissal from NHS is automatic for any of the following: Drug or Alcohol violations, plagiarism, cheating, disrespect or defiance, bullying, disorderly conduct, in-school suspension, and/or out of school suspension. There will be no warnings or hearings for character violations.