• After using this approach to math for nearly ten years, I have noticed the following benefits for all students:

    • Increased student engagement – Students spend more time engaged in active learning rather than passive learning as they do during a lecture.


    • Increased collaboration and teaming Students are given the opportunity to work together everyday and share a common goal of mastering these concepts.


    • Increased student ownership Students learn to set goals and meet them.  Students are held accountable for their mistakes in a positive way.


    • Increased confidence in mathematics and "mental toughness" Students learn to realize it’s not about “if” they learn a concept but “when.” Students learn to persevere and engage when faced with difficult circumstances rather than to cut and run.


    • More is learned and learned at a deeper level Since I have implemented this approach, students have been given more problem solving and project opportunities in order to explore each concept more deeply.  In addition, the overall pace of the class has quickened, allowing more concepts to be taught.


    • Higher test and quiz averages Average scores on assessments scores have risen into the mid-nineties since adopting this mastery approach to learning. 




Last Modified on August 5, 2022