• Structure of Our Math Class 

    This class must utilize a more unique structure than a traditional math class in order to ensure that students master the material for each assessment and to enable them to customize the pace of their learning, if that is a need. Students have the option to begin ach math lesson the night before by watching a short video (ten to twenty minutes) in which I provide them with some instruction on the basics for that learning target. Each video has a note sheet for students to use to help them follow along. If students do not watch the video, they will participate in a brief, live lesson at school.
    After they watch the video or participate in the lesson, students spend a few minutes trying a handful of problems so that they can see whether or not they understand what they just learned. If students like, they can move on to the next concept, but as long as students do their homework each day, they should only need to do 20 to 30 minutes each night. If students get behind the suggested class pace, they may need to do a bit more to get caught up.


    When class starts the next day, if students did not have trouble with the video, they can turn in the problems that they did the night before. They can then sit with other students who understood the concepts from the video (I do not assign seats) and spend a few more minutes practicing the basics from the previous night. When they finish the basics, they begin working on a real-life application of the learning target. I do my best to grade their assignments from the previous night and let them know if they are on the right track or not before the end of the period. If I can’t get the papers graded in class, I can usually get them back via Canvas by the end of the day.

     Cooperative Learning

    If students struggled with the concepts in the video or practice tasks, they should email me to let me know or tell me as soon as they get into class the next day. I spend the first portion of class providing my students with mini-lessons and activities that teach the concepts from the videos in person. Once students feel that they understand the target, they can begin working on the basics and application. I spend the rest of my time helping students with the applications and providing students with feedback. 

    This process repeats until students master all of the learning targets for a given unit. Once they have done this, they can take a quiz or a test on those topics. To help them in this process, students are provided with a list of tasks and targets that they need to master for these units as well as a guide for self-assessing their current knowledge. Students will also be given performance tasks or projects to complete for each unit that will further deepen their understanding. In addition, enrichment opportunities are available to all students to complete at any time they want (provided they are keeping up with the minimum pace of the class).

Last Modified on August 10, 2023