The following list will help your child to be organized and prepared for learning each day.

    • 5 x 8 pencil box
    • A total of 4 sturdy plastic or vinyl pocket folders (red, yellow, blue, green) *please label these with your child's name on the back or inside of each.
    • Clip board - letter size
    • 2 strong clip magnets for hanging your work on your locker
    • A red checking tool (pen, pencil, or crayon)
    • 12 pack of colored pencils
    • 2 boxes of crayons (each box up to 24 count)
    • 8-12 pack of washable thick markers
    • 2 large pink erasers
    • 12 small glue sticks
    • A small eraser for dry erase boards - the smaller the better!
    • 2 boxes of tissue


    • A *labeled reusuable water bottle
    • One box of Gallon sized baggies