• Dear Parent or Guardian:
    The Pennsylvania school code mandates medical examinations for students in grades K, 6, and 11 because these grades represent important periods of growth and development in a student’s life. The major objective of these examinations is to insure that the student is in a general state of good health.
    This requirement may be met in two ways, a physical performed by the student’s private physician or by the school doctor.  If a private physician is preferred, please return the Private Physician Report of Examination form located in the following link: https://www.uscsd.k12.pa.us//site/Default.aspx?PageID=127 to the health office; while at the visit, please note the future immunization requirements below. Those students who do not return a private physician form will be scheduled to see the school physician next spring with parental permission.  If you have trouble viewing the forms please contact your school nurse or visit your school secretary during summer hours.
    Thank you for your time and cooperation,
    Upper St. Clair Nurses
    The following immunizations are required for entry into 7th grade.  While at your physical for 6th grade, please speak with your physician regarding the administration of these vaccines.  If you choose not to vaccine due to Religious, Moral/Ethical, or Medical reasons; please provide the health office with a written notice of refusal to keep on record before the start of 7th grade.
    1 dose of tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (Tdap)
    1 dose of meningitis vaccine (MCV4)