• The High School art department offers the following courses: Painting, Drawing and Mixed Media, Ceramics, 3D Art, Digital Art and IB Visual Art.

    Painting, Drawing and Mixed Media offers four levels for students. Beginners learn about the basic elements of art and principles of design through specific projects. These beginners also are introduced to a variety of 2-D media, and shown how to use these media to best express their creativity. Students learn how to use pencil, ink, colored pencil, chalk and oil pastel, as well as collage and linoleum printmaking. As the student advances, more freedom is given to create independent projects of their own design.

    Ceramics is also available in four levels. Beginning students are introduced to basic hand building skills (pinch pots, coiling, press and drape molds, slab construction) as well as throwing on the potter’s wheel. Students learn to decorate surfaces with texture, underglazes and glazes. As the student advances, the projects increase in skill and in creative expression.


    3D Art is a class where students learn how to create sculpture. Students learn how to create additive and subtractive sculptures. Materials used range from recycled objects to plaster and clay. Students also learn how to create jewelry and metal sculpture using a variety of techniques (sawing, forming, soldering, casting, enameling).

     Digital Art is an introductory course for students who want to learn the basics of the Photoshop suite, Wacom drawing tablets and simple computer animation.  Students learn specific skills through tutorials and then are given creative prompts to answer using these skills. The assignments are a blend of artistic expression and real world application (for example, redesigning a book cover).

     IB Visual Art is a class for juniors and seniors. It can be taken for one or two years.  This class follows the curriculum set from the IBO, and encourages students to express themselves in a variety of media. Students are to create work that reflects an understanding of world culture, and shows a mastery of skills. Students also keep a research workbook that acts like an “art diary” of inspiration, sketches and research.