The USCSD Music Program seeks to promote...
    1. A focus on academic excellence, development of thinking skills (analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing) andperformingarts problem solving.
    2. Skills in "creative self-expression" by using music, art, dance, and drama as vehicles for learning concepts, communicating thoughts and feelings, and exploring mankind's musical heritage in order to gain a broad cultural and historical perspective.
    3. Personal leadership, collaboration, communications, teamwork, inter-personal skills, and goal setting as a contributing member of an "ensemble."
    4. Musical "life skills" - habits, understandings and proficiencies - in order to expand appreciation of all forms of artistic expression, and to participate in solo and/or ensemble music in future public school, college and adult life.
    5. Decision-making in situations where there are no standard answers, analysis of and response to nonverbal communication, and adaptations and respect of divergent styles and methods for personal expression and thinking, at both work and play.
    6. Discovery of individual talents, skills and interests for fulfillment of personal dreams and goals.

    • To enrich the student's life by providing a means of artistic expression through music.
    • To provide a varied selection of courses and activities in and through music to suit the interests and abilities of all students.
    • To build a greater understanding of music through the performance of a wide variety of musical literature, both traditional and contemporary.
    • To encourage the growth of musical taste, deeper understanding, and expanded areas of enjoyment.
    • To provide an opportunity for the musically gifted student to develop his/her potential through special performance groups and/or advanced classes.
    • To provide good community/school relationships through public performance and other services in which the school and community may become better acquainted.
    • To provide guidance and encouragement to those students who possess the talent and interest to pursue careers in music.