"I can ..."
    • Use, understand, and frequently practice the fundamentals and correct methods for vocal and instrumental tone production, accuracy in note reading, intonation, rhythms, bowings and articulations,musicnotes ensemble blend and balance, phrasing and expressiveness, form and technique, memorization, sight-reading, scales and warm-ups, dance and movement, and translation of notational symbols and other markings.
    • Help set, achieve, monitor and adjust individual and group performance goals.
    • Know, understand, and appreciate diverse musical forms, styles, media, literature, historical periods, and ethnic groups.
    • Develop time and stress management and organizational skills.
    • Demonstrate the qualities of responsibility, leadership, self-motivation, commitment, personal integrity, public service, and citizenship.
    • Develop critical thinking and skills in problem solving.
    • Understand and practice interacting musically and socially within a group, learning the techniques of "give and take" and working together with other musicians, and fostering the skills of good listening, sharing, the art of compromise, respect, and sensitivity to the feelings and needs of other members in the ensemble.
    • Advance personal skills in public speaking, poise, professionalism, and self-confidence in front of large groups and/or the general public.