• Battle of the Books~ Frequently Asked Questions and Rules



    Teams can be made up of 5 people.  Team members do not have to be kids in your homeroom or team.


    Teams are encouraged to pick a name and dress alike for the competition.  


    50 teams will get a set of books. Sign up sheets will be collected on Friday, January 17th, shuffled, put into random ordered and numbered 1-??. A list of team names will be posted in the front lobby and outside the library on Tuesday, January 21st. Teams 1-50 can pick up their set of books in the library on Tuesday. The rest of the teams will have to get the books from a book store, other libraries or on their devices.



    What is Battle of the Books?


    Battle of the books is a school-wide reading competition for5th and 6th graders. Teams of students will read 5 books chosen by Mrs. Husak and then answer 30 questions about the books at the competition which will be held sometime during the second week of March- March 10th 11th or 12th in the Boyce Cafeteria. The competition is during school. The 5th grade competition will be held in the morning and the 6th grade competition will be help in the afternoon.


    What kinds of questions are there?


    There will be 6 questions about each book. The questions are very specific. You will have know specific details about the books. This is a big difference than the Battle of the Books held at the township library.

    For example, Here is a question from the book The Strange Case of Origami Yoda:

    “According to the book The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, what item did Cassie break in Mr. Snider’s class?”

    Answer: The Shakespeare Head



    How do we answer the questions?

    The questions will be displayed one by one on the screen in the cafeteria. Your team will be sitting together at a table in the cafeteria and will write down your answers on an answer sheet. You will be able to discuss the answer with your teammates.


    How many questions are there?

    30. We will have 3 rounds of competition with 10 questions per round. All teams will participate in all 3 rounds.



    How is a winning team chosen?

    The team with the most points at the end of 3 rounds will be the winners. If there is a tie, the teams involved in the tie will play a tie-breaker round of 10 questions. If there is still a tie at the end of that round, all teams in the tie-breaker round will be declare winners.


    Why do you suggest we have a sponsor?

    All great teams have a great coach! It’s a long time between now and the battle. A sponsor will help keep your team on track. Many sponsors are nice enough to hold practice sessions for their teams or help make t-shirts. Having a sponsor is encouraged, but not required.


    Does everyone on the team have to read all 5 books?

    Ideally, yes everyone should read all 5 books. The more people on the team who know about the book, the better chance you have at answering the questions correctly. If everyone can’t read all 5 books, assign one book to each person and have them be the “expert” on that book.


    Do sponsors have to read the book?

    No, but they can if they would like to.


    How do we sign up?

    Your teachers have forms and there are forms in the library.


    What do we get if we win?

    A trophy will be given to each member of the winning teams.

    Costumes are optional and should be kept simple. Matching t-shirts or all wearing the same color is all you need. There should be no props of any kind.
Last Modified on January 17, 2020