SSR Program
             SSR stands for Sustained Silent Reading.  This year, our team will have ample opportunities during portions of the school day and at Pride Time on designated days to participate in SSR.  Students will be given the freedom to choose a book for each month that they will read during SSR times.  The selections will originate from a wide variety of genres of fiction and nonfiction.  This will provide the students an opportunity to read from a book of their own choosing in addition to the texts that we read in class. 
    Important Requirements of the SSR Program:
    1.  The SSR book needs to be a chapter book. 
    2.  Bring the SSR book to class each day. 
    3.  When SSR time is given, it is imperative that students read. 
    4.  Most importantly...  enjoy your book, and we hope this continues to foster students' love of reading.