• GATE Holiday Gift Guide

    Here it is, all the fun and inspired gift idea for yourgifted child.  These gift ideas are fromour members and gifted teachers, but please also check out the much larger andcomprehensive Shopping Guide at www.hoagiesgifted.org.  This list is just a start so if you come upwith more ideas please let me know and I will add to it.  Also, this list is a great reference for giftgiving all year long, so check back when you need something special and I willkeep adding any ideas our members or teachers submit. 

    Happy Shopping!




    ·        Settlers of Catan (http://www.catan.com/) , a board game that requires lots of logic and planningand is terrific for group interaction

    ·        Power Grid (http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2651/power-grid), a family could learn so much playing this together

    ·        Scrabble/SuperScrabble

    ·        Rummibkub – strategygame that connects to math

    ·        Rush Hour

    ·        Quirkle

    ·        Perplexus

    ·        Blokus – problemsolving

    ·        Equate

    ·        “24” Cards – sets comein single digits, double digits, integers, fractions, decimal and algebra(exponents and variables)

    ·        Black Box

    ·        Mastermind

    ·        Creationary –differentsets for different interests

    ·        39 Clues Game

    ·        Cranium Cadoo

    ·        Set: The Family Gameof Visual Perception








    ·        For older kids,make giving money or gift cards a little more interesting for a gifted child. .. there are dozens of money holders where students have to complete puzzles ormazes in order to "release" the cash or gift card -- makes things a littlemore exciting than an envelope (and could be fun for aunts, uncles, etc. togive). Check out this site for one example -- though by clicking around Amazon,you'll find many more: http://www.amazon.com/Magnif-1200-MagNif-Money-Puzzle/dp/B0002YDQBY


    ·        Kapla Balsa Wood “Blocks” – architects use these for models, these are good for any age!


    ·        Capela ConstructionKits


    ·        Rokenbok ConstructionSets


    ·        Magna Tiles


    ·        Snap Circuits SC 300


    ·        Magnetic Poetry –great small gift for older kids





    ·        Science Illustrated Magazine

    ·        Discover Magazine

    ·        Soduku and KenKen puzzle books

    ·        How Things Work: In the House

    ·        How Things Work: In the Yard

    ·        Brain Quest, books, fan deck, etc.

    ·        39 Clues Book Series – online game that followsthe clues in the books

    ·        Classic Literature -Robert Louis Stevenson has a great male audience with his various adventurebooks, Mark Twain has both male and female appeal, and then there is alwaysBronte's Wuthering Heights or Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter, EdgarAllen Poe tales, Sherlock Holmes & Agatha Christie stories.






    ·        A"different" sort of suggestion for gifted high school students (andeven certain mature Fort Couch students) would be to share an "indie filmnight" (or weekend afternoon) with them . . . just parent(s) and thestudent -- no extra friends or little brothers and sisters. Either take them tosee a film at "The Manor" in Squirrel Hill and discuss it with themafter at a coffee shop or bistro (or even the Coldstone Ice Cream store nearby)-- or -- create a "gift basket" with a couple ofinteresting-to-compare indie films, such as "This is Not a Film"(2011) and "Beasts of the Southern Wild" (to be released on DVD onDec. 4 -- and happens to have been made by a friend of my son) Throw in somespecial chai or tea and muchies or perhaps a gift certificate for some take-outsuchi. Then , pick a time to sit back and watch the films with them.High school kids are so open to seeing things from many different angles anddiscussing meanings and symbolism in films like these (or even the acting,music and camera use, if they're into that), so it's a wonderful way to raisethe level of parent-child discussion before they head off to college. (It willmake them feel very mature and you will be amazed at their insight -- as theywill find themselves surprised by yours. ;-)





    ·        If your family has anidea about a spring or summer trip, big or small, something fun could bepresenting your child with the trip as a gift at the holidays -- along aguidebook from Barnes & Noble and/or TripTik travel planner from AAA. Agifted child's dream (with parent parameters, of course!) -- helping toresearch, plan, and execute the family vacation! Fodor's travel books are thetype of guidebook that is coming to mind: http://www.fodors.com


    ·        Independentlakecamp.com– recommended by parent for living up to the camp slogan of “fun and learningshould be synonyms.”




    These sites are suggested for having a range ofinteresting, thought provoking or just plain fun gifts.


    www.mindward.com – puzzle, games, lots of options






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