Our Classroom Procedures
    • Take Home Folder-This purple folder comes home every day. Please look at it daily as it will have messages from me, your child's work and papers that need to be returned. 
    • Marble Bucket- These are given to encourage good behavior (as a whole class) during hallway times, specials, and lunch. Every time our class collects a given number of marbles we will vote on a special activity. You will be notified of the details as soon as the event occurs.    
    • Birthday Celebrations - Many parents choose to share a book by reading it then donating it to our classroom library for the students to read again and again. Please contact me to schedule a day and time to read. You are invited to have lunch with your child too. Our lunch time is 11:15. 
    • Lunch guests- You are welcome to join us for lunch at anytime. Our menus are posted online.  If you plan to order lunch please have your child let me know your selection. We will meet you at the entrance of nutrition center at 11:15. You will sit at the guest table with your child and a friend of his or her choice. Because we have children with food allergies we ask that you do not allow your child to share food with friends. 
    • Playtime - We try to go out when the weather permits. Please help your child wear appropriate clothing. Toys brought to school must be kept in the locker until playtime. Please do not allow valuable toys to come to school!
    • Transportation -Your child must go home at the end of the day via the means arranged at the beginning of the year. If there is a change to these plans please send a note. If changes occur during the day please call the office. (please Do Not use email for this as there are days I don't get to read it until after the children leave.)
    • Absences  - When your child is absent I will place the work that is missed on his/her desk. It will be brought home by your child when he/she returns (in purple folder) or can be brought home by a sibling or a neighbor. Take time to go through the missed work and return it within the next few days. It is also important to send in a note to the office. If you are planning an extended trip, you need to fill out an Educational Trip form. These can be obtained from the office.

    • Home-School Communication - Communication between us is essential to a positive and productive experience for your child. If you have questions, concerns, or happy thoughts about your child, I would love to hear them! You can contact me in a variety of ways: jrehwald@uscsd.k12.pa.us, send a note in the Take Home Folder, or, call my extension X4027. I usually don't answer the phone during instructional time, but I will check voice mail after school and will return your call as promptly as possible.