• In accordance with the middle school model, the school counselors at Fort Couch Middle School are "teaching counselors". The guidance curriculum is intended to address developmental issues faced by adolescents. Therefore, the counselors at Fort Couch conduct guidance classes in which they meet with the students once during each 6-day rotation. The topics presented within the guidance classroom are designed to help all students discover their own assets, needs and interests in regard to their academic success throughout their progression in the Upper St.Clair School District. Guidance classes are required for all 7th and 8th grade students; however, the classes are non-graded. During the classroom experience, students are encouraged to engage in discussions and activities focused on developmentally appropriate topics. Below are some examples of topics covered in guidance class.

    Sample Guidance Topics - 7th Grade
    •Orient Students to School and Personnel
    •Decision Making
    •Study Skills
    •Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Prevention
    •Diversity & Respecting Differences
    •Team Building

    Sample Guidance Topics - 8th Grade
    •Orient Students to School and Personnel
    •Decision Making (continued)
    •Career Exploration
    •Adolescent Growth & Development
    •Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Prevention
    •Law & Legal Systems and Me
    •High School Matriculation