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     Here are some fun ways to practice spelling words...
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    1. Write your spelling words in alphabetical order.
    2. Print each word.  Next to it write the word in bubble letters or other fancy lettering.
    3. Make a set of flashcards for studying your words.
    4. Write each spelling word three times.
    5. Write each spelling word in a rainbow of colors.  First, write the words with a red crayon. Trace over the words with a blue crayon. Finally, trace the words again with a green crayon.
    6. Write your spelling words as fractions based on the number of vowels and consonants in each word.
          * *See activity below for instructions
    7. Write your words with all the letters scrambled up. Then ask a parent or sibling to unscramble the words in your notebook. Correct that person’s work.
    8. Write each spelling word.  Next to each word write two additional words of at least three letters that can be spelled using the letters in the word.  Example: the word pickle can be used to make the words lick, pick, like, and lip.
    9. Use a dictionary or http://www.dictionary.reference.com to write a definition for each word. 
    10. Write your spelling words in secret code. (Use the secret code key at thebottom). Challenge a parent or sibling to use the code to decode each word. Correct their work.  Example: glad= 7-12-1-4
    11. Spelling Math: Which spelling word has the highest value? Which word has the lowest value? Do any words have an equal value?  (Use the secret code to find a numeric value for each letter.)
    12. Use each spelling word in a sentence. Correct spelling and grammar count!
    13. Take a practice test at home given by a parent. Write any missed word 3 times each. 
    14. Write your spelling words on cards (make two sets) and play "Memory Match" with them against a sibling or parent.
    15. Use a thesaurus to write a synonym for each word.
    16. Write a mnemonic sentence to help you remember each of your spelling words. Each letter of the word should start a word in the sentence. For example, a mnemonic sentence for the word "throw" might be "Ted has rented one wheelbarrow".
    17. Make and complete a word search using www.puzzlemaker.com
    18. Write a letter to a friend/relative, in proper letter format, using at least 10 of the spelling words. Underline each word.
    19. Write tongue twisters for using at least 12 of your spelling words.  Example - spelling word: "some" - "Sally saw some seals in the sea".
    20. Use ALL of your spelling words to write a short story. Your story must include all of your spelling words.

    Fraction Spelling
    Make a table with four columns. Write this week's spelling words in the first column.  In the second column, write in fraction form the number of vowels in each word. Then write the number of consonants, in fraction form, in the third column. (Hint: you will need to know the total number of letters in each word before you can write the fractions) Example:










    In the example above, the word finger has six letters. Two of those letters, or 2/6 of the letters, are vowels, and four of the letters, or 4/6, are consonants.

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