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    Spelling Superstars Come Here!

    Our spelling tests in first grade will have a total of 12 words which include:  
    • 4 decodable words (based on the phonetic patterns taught in our word building work)
    • 2 sight words (these do not follow phonetic rules and cannot be sounded out)
    • 2 review words (from the previous list)
    • 4 mystery words (for application of the learned phonetic patterns).  

    To make practice fun, I've entered the words into a really cool website called, "Spelling City."  The students can learn their words, play games and take practice tests all on this site!

    1.  Just click on the link at the bottom of the page to explore "Spelling City!"

    2.  Once you're on Mrs. Densmore's Spelling City page, just click the List #  you want to practice.
      • You can click "Play a (free) Game" to have some FUN!
      • You can test yourself by clicking "Test Me"
    Here's the link